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How to complain

Every Student complaints

Here at Every Student, we pride ourselves on providing our residents with exceptional service as well as decent student accommodation. Complaints are rare, but of course sometimes things do go wrong.

It might be because we haven’t done something we said we would do, or that there are problems in your room or flat and we haven’t dealt them with quickly enough. 

We need to know if things go wrong so that we can put them right. So if you have an issue or complaint, please contact the accommodation team either at your building’s reception in person, or by email at info@everystudent.co.uk.

We’ll handle the issue before it escalates, investigating the issue thoroughly and reporting back to you as soon as possible.


Step 1

Please speak to the accommodation team either onsite or by email. They’ll discuss the details of your complaint and work to find a solution.

If we’re unable to reach a solution, we’ll escalate your complaint to the next stage.

Step 2

We’ll arrange for you to discuss your issue with a senior member of the team, at a suitable time and somewhere private.

At this point, hopefully we’ll have reached an agreement or resolved your issue in another way.

Step 3

If you’re still unhappy you can ask to discuss your complaint with the Operations Manager who will arrange to meet with you.

If your complaint was in writing you can ask the Operations Manager to respond in writing or by email.

When the Operations Manager has investigated your complaint, the outcome is final and the matter will be regarded as closed as far as this procedure is concerned. Please be aware that the answer you receive may not be the one you were expecting this does not mean the matter is still unresolved.

If the subject of your complaint is covered by the ANUK National Code of Standards you can submit your complaint under the complaints procedure – details can be found here.