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What do I need for University – The ultimate guide

So, your results are in and you (hopefully) get your uni of choice. What now? Getting ready for university is super exciting, but also a bit of a process. If you don’t have a clue about how to prepare for uni, it’s time to get educated.  

From what to pack for university to how you can prepare financially, our guide has got you covered. 

Uni essentials list: 

1.) Sort your accommodation 

2.) Get a laptop and stationary 

3.) Make a budget plan 

4.) Sign up for student discount 

5.) Bring a good cookbook 

6.) Don’t forget your toiletries  

7.) Get a student job

Sort your accommodation  

If you are moving away from home for uni, you are going to need somewhere to sleep. Getting your accommodation sorted nice and early will ensure you can start your first year of uni without worrying about where to stay. Try and find somewhere near to your campus – this way you can roll out of bed 10 mins before your morning lecture starts. 

Get your study equipment 

Hopefully you are going to uni for more than just good vibes, so getting the right equipment to study is a key part of your uni preparation. A laptop is handy for researching topics and watching late night Netflix, but you should also get access to a library computer if you are low on cash.  

If you can’t stand the click-clacking of your laptop keyboard during lectures, nothing beats a classic pen and notebook. 

Make a budget plan 

Student life may be characterised as a bit of a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you can manage to refuse the urge of a late night takeaway, you can create a clever budget that breaks down your activity per month, and saves you from the shame of begging your parents for some extra cash.  

Sign up for student discount 

One easy way to save money as a student is to get every student discount card that you can. Student discount sites like Unidays can get you discounts on loads of retailers and food places, while a student rail card will help you get home and back without having to break the bank. Always ask if a shop/restaurant offers a student discount – you won’t regret it! 

Bring a good cookbook 

Making cheap but tasty meals will also be a crucial part of your money management. You can look for affordable meals online, but there’s nothing quite like a good cookbook to flick through for inspiration. Try to resist having beans on toast 3 times a day – your stomach will thank you for it. 

Don’t forget your toiletries 

You simply cannot live without your toothbrush, deodorant and shower gel – well, you shouldn’t anyway. As bulk buying if often cheaper, stock up on an generous amount of supplies so you don’t end up responsible for a weird odour in the lecture hall. 

Get a student job 

Getting a part-time job is a great way to lighten the load on your bank account. Having a bit of extra cash will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of life without any guilt, while preparing you for the realities of post-student life. Almost all unis will have a jobs page where they post relevant part-time jobs – find something you like and get cracking! 

Finding student accommodation is a key part of preparing for uni, and Every Student has got your back. With affordable living prices and cozy common areas, we have everything you need to get your uni life started. 

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