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Should I stay at home or go away for University? 

After you’ve chosen your course, the decision of whether to stay at home or go away for University is one of the biggest that you’ll make! It’s a choice that will shape who you are, from your friendship circle to your personality and outlook on life (deep!) 

So, should you stay at home or move away for University? If only that was an easy question. But don’t worry – with our help, you can decide for yourself! 

The benefits of staying at home 

  • You’ll save your money 
  • No need to adapt your life 
  • You’ll have less distractions 

You’ll save your money 

The biggest advantage of living at home for uni is of course that you save a ton of cash by doing it! Gone is the issue of spending money on rent, stocking up on groceries, or haggling with a difficult landlord. Best of all, you can enjoy the comfort of your parents’ home-cooked meals throughout your uni years! 

No need to adapt your life  

If you really love your hometown and don’t want to adapt to new surroundings, staying at home is definitely your best bet. Staying at home for University means you can enjoy the same friends, coffee shops and clubs that you’re used to. If you can’t imagine living anywhere else, why would you want to move! 

You’ll have less distractions 

Okay, so you’ll spend a lot of your uni time having fun. But when it comes time to study, you need to know that you have somewhere quiet to buckle down and focus. In this regard, staying at home may give you an advantage over other students. Living at home means you don’t have to contend with noisy housemates, difficult landlords, or money-related concerns. No excuses if you don’t ace your exams! 

The benefits of going away 

  • Independence 
  • Easier to make new friendships 
  • Enjoy an authentic uni experience 


Sure, it’s scary at first. But being let loose into the adult world without the constant support of your parents is an experience that will give you valuable life lessons! You’ll learn to cook for yourself, manage your finances, and maybe even how to iron your clothes here and there. Whichever way you look at it, University is a great way to prepare you for the challenges of adult life! 

Easier to make new friendships 

When you are staying in student halls, meeting new like-minded people happens practically every day. This is because you share accommodation with the students you go to class with, rather than just heading home when classes finish. You can make friends staying at home, but going away for University encourages you to spend a lot more time with them, resulting in bonds for life! 

Enjoy an authentic uni experience  

If you want to enjoy the Uni experience that you’ve always heard about, going away is the way to do it. This includes last minute struggle meals, relentless partying, and the wonderful feeling of walking 5 minutes away from home to a morning lecture.  

Is it better to stay at home or go away for University? 

Ultimately, deciding whether to stay at home or go away for University will depend on your own personal circumstances – are you eager for a change of scenery, or are you more focused on saving some spare cash? If you want, you could even consider the middle ground of moving out to a University not too far from home! 

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