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Is Southampton a good student town? 

When it comes to deciding where to study, you have a wealth of options at your feet. But at Southampton, you’ll be comfortable knowing you’ve picked one of the best of the lot. Nestled on the south coast of England, Southampton offers the promise of both academic success, and the stuff that you really care about – great student activities and endless fun. Here’s everything that makes Southampton a special student town: 

Great Universities 

Okay, so studying hard might not be your first consideration. But if education does interest you (and it should!), you’ll be delighted to know that Southampton has a handful of great universities to choose from. The University of Southampton is consistently ranked highly in the UK, and is especially useful if you’re studying engineering, electronics, or health sciences! If you want a good starting point for your future career, Southampton has got you covered. 

Active student life 

Don’t expect to spend all your time studying though. Southampton is a city that knows how to have fun. Rummage through the lively streets, and you’ll be able to take your pick from a pick of great shops, bars and restaurants. Student hotspots like Bedford Place, Oxford Street and Bevois Valley are especially popular if you fancy a lively restaurant or nightlife scene.  

A hub of art and culture 

If partying isn’t really your thing – don’t panic. There’s also plenty of arty activities for the more discerning student. Southampton is known for its strong creative community, with plenty of art festivals, community events, and quirky events to take part in. There’s also a city art gallery that features collections from around the world, and hosts special events all year around. 

Live music 

Are you a sucker for live music? Studying in Southampton means you’ll have a variety of different music venues at your fingertips. You’ve got the 1985, which offers jazz nights, live bands and stand up comedy, while The Joiners Arms often hosts lively DJ nights on the weekend. And if you’re looking to catch some of the biggest names in music, the O2 Guildhall Institute should take your fancy! 

Life on the coast 

Southampton isn’t just a city buzzing with fun activities – it’s also lovely to look at. Perfectly situated on the coast, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore Mother Nature. With a handful of beaches and plenty of sea-based activities, you can head out for a day at the seaside whenever you please! Is there a better way to break up your studies? 

Great transport links 

Worried about how you’ll get from your evening class to your dinner plans? Thankfully, Southampton is about as well-connected as cities get. The Unilink buses in Southampton can help you get from accommodation to classes with minimum fuss, while the Bluestar buses are a key tool to explore the city, and get back home after late nights. For trips to London, the National Express offers coach tickets that are cheap as chips! 

Looking to start your student life in Southampton? At Every Student, you’ll have no problem finding an affordable home in a city you love. With the added bonus of all-inclusive bills and lively common rooms, you can find your dream student room today! 

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