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How To Survive Living With Housemates At University

Living with housemates can be a nightmare. From leaving the kitchen in a state to playing loud music at ungodly hours, an annoying housemate can put a real damper on your University experience. Desperate for a clean place and a good night’s sleep? Check out our guide on how to live with roommates in an apartment.

Tips for living with roommates at University

  • Good communication
  • Lay some ground rules
  • Know your housemate’s schedule
  • Give yourself space
  • Don’t be a mess
  • Be patient
  • Practice what you preach

Good communication

Want to know how to live with roommates in a house? Communication is key! If you have an issue with your roommate, don’t suffer in silence. The sooner you discuss any potential issues, the sooner they get resolved. If you work to build a good relationship with your housemates, telling them how you feel will come easy.

Lay some ground rules

Your housemates can’t cross the line if there’s no line to start with. If it’s clear that your housemate is someone who takes liberties, set some good house rules for your roommates. This could be letting them know if their music is too loud, agreeing on mutual ‘quiet time’ and communicating your approach to sharing essentials like soap or food ingredients. You don’t want to find out your housemate has pinched some of your milk without telling you.

Know your housemate’s schedule

Find a schedule that suits both of your lifestyles. If you have to wake up early for work or class, chances are you won’t want your housemates up blaring music till late, and vice versa. Once you become familiar with your housemate’s schedule, you can root out any behaviour that is likely to be controversial. Get your housemates to put their class and work hours in a visible place to make this easier!

Give yourself space

Spending time with the same people all the time can drive you mad. Although you are living with them, you don’t need to spend all of your time with your housemates. Enjoy quality time when you can, but make sure to spend some time enjoying your own privacy, and respecting your housemates’ boundaries.

Don’t be a mess

Students aren’t known for being particularly tidy, but you can be the exception to the rule. No-one wants to wander into the kitchen and be greeted by a tower of dirty dishes, or smelly bins that haven’t been taken out in days. To avoid this happening, why not create a schedule that divides cleaning responsibilities between your housemates? You’ll give yourself a cleaner house and avoid getting passive aggressive messages posted to your door.

Treat your housemates as you want to be treated

Want to know the secret to how to be the best housemate? Imagine your dream housemate, and do everything that they would do. This will ensure that you are always considerate and make the right decision – unless your dream housemate is somehow the housemate from hell.

You can’t choose your housemates, but you can give yourself the perfect environment to learn more about them. Every Student’s affordable accommodation spaces come with common rooms where you can socialise, play pool and build new lasting friendships!

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