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How to recover from a hangover in record time

We’ve all been there. A night to remember followed by the regret of a banging headache the next morning. Getting a hangover is easy – but getting rid of a hangover is a fine art. There are many rumoured hangover remedies floating about, but only a few that really work. Find out the answer to what helps a hangover by reading below.

What are hangover symptoms?

You’ll know when you’re hungover if you’ve got a headache or stomach pain, or feel thirsty, nauseous or sweaty. Sound familiar? Read on to find out some hangover tips.

1)   Drink water (what a surprise!)

This is hardly groundbreaking, but drinking water is one of the best ways to get over a hangover. Dehydration is a huge cause of hangovers. Drinking alcohol causes your body to lose water, so replacing this is a must! Remind yourself to glug a couple of glasses before you go to bed. If you forget, you’ll have a mountain to climb in the morning!

2)   Eat a big breakfast

Want to know how to fix a hangover in a hurry? Eat a hearty breakfast. Ploughing your way through a big breakfast will help maintain your blood pressure levels, as well as giving you the vitamins you need to recover. The best hangover food includes eggs, bananas or anything absolutely loaded in carbs.

3)   The hair of the dog is a myth – don’t be fooled!

Legend says that drinking more alcohol is a good way of getting over a hangover.

Forget what you’ve heard – more alcohol is rarely the right answer! More alcohol may temporarily numb the feeling of a hangover, but all this does is delay the inevitable crash. Push through the pain and resist the urge of another tipple.

4)   Sleep!

Give yourself enough time to recover. Not sleeping properly will increase the chance that you get a hangover or feel knackered during the day. If you don’t have a morning class the next day and still feel awful, here’s a tip – sleep some more!

5)   Try some supplements

If you’re REALLY struggling to find things to help your hangover, go down the herbal route. Try some ginger tea to reduce your nausea – a common symptom of hangovers. Get some chamomile in to tackle your hang-xiety. Put some Vitamins (B and C) in your system to boost your immunity.

6)   Wear sunglasses

Bright lights are not your best friend when you are recovering from a hangover. If you do have to leave your house, make sure to grab your sunnies for extra protection. Tune out the rest of the world and maybe slap some earplugs in for good measure. If you need to be somewhere important, sunglasses can also hide the tiredness behind your eyes (though wearing sunglasses inside is an offence against fashion).

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