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How To Prepare For Life After University

After the joy of graduating, the average student has to face some pretty scary and life-altering decisions. First and foremost – what to do with your life after University? From pursuing your graduate career to even – god forbid – studying further, deciding on your life after University is hard. 

With a limitless amount of different routes available, it’s natural to feel scared about life after University. Find out how you can make your life easier by using our guide below! 

What to do after graduating from University 

  • Take some time to think 
  • Perfect your CV 
  • Get as much experience as possible 
  • Apply for grad jobs early 
  • Explore the world 
  • Milk your student discount while you can 
  • Try to enjoy it 

Take some time to think 

After years of getting by on a non-existent student salary, you might be tempted to rush into decisions to get your post-grad life started. However, taking some time to assess your options will ensure you don’t make a decision you regret.  

Once you know what you want to do, set about making choices that will get you there, whether you need a post-grad course or some relevant experience. If you’re unsure, work out what skills you have and how they can be applied to a career! 

Perfect your CV 

Your resume is the first thing that recruiters will see when you start applying. Talking about yourself may not be fun, but you need to make sure your CV shouts loud and proud about all of your achievements. Keep it simple, visually appealing and get a University tutor to look over it for you! 

Get as much as experience as possible 

No-one likes the feeling of applying to a job that needs 2+ years of experience after graduating. Thankfully, there are ways you can pick up useful experience while at University.  

This could be writing for your local paper, taking on a part-time internship, or taking a leadership role in a University society. If you can explain what kind of experience you’ve gained, you’ll find getting a job much easier. 

Apply for grad jobs early 

No-one needs to be reminded of the importance of applying for jobs after graduation. But getting in there early and applying for jobs before you graduate can make a big difference. If you wait too late till you graduate to apply, you might find that most of the juicy grad jobs have already been taken! 

Explore the world 

Once you’ve committed yourself to the world of work, finding time for a holiday won’t be easy. If you can afford to, why not make use of your time by traveling? Far from just a frivolous holiday, taking a gap year can be a useful way of picking up work experience while exploring the world.  

Milk your student discount while you can 

As you grow older, you’ll long for the days where you could get a student discount on pretty much everything. Before it expires, milk that discount for everything it’s worth. 

Try to enjoy it 

Life after University may be a stressful time, but try to take it easy on yourself. Be excited about your future, while making most of your free time in the present. When you start working full-time and waking up early for work, you’ll miss the days where you could sit back and do nothing.  

As you wait for your graduate life to take off, why not spend your University years in comfort? Every Student’s affordable student accommodation has everything you need to make the most out of your time at University! 

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