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How to get self-motivated to study at University 

Staying motivated is one of the biggest issues that students face at University. Free of regular classes and badgering teachers, it can be easy to let your work ethic fall by the wayside. After all, who can focus on studying when there’s so much fun to be had in your Uni years?  

Not everyone springs out of bed full of motivation to study. But with some of our self-motivation tips for students, you’ll be cranking out hours of study in no time.  

Self-motivation tips for students at University 

  • Create a study schedule and stick to it 
  • Study with your friends 
  • Set goals 
  • Use a ‘done’ list instead of a to-do list 
  • Reward yourself 
  • Create a comfortable study space 
  • Remove distractions 
  • Get inspired 

Create a study schedule and stick to it 

Don’t go into your study sessions completely blind. Give yourself a study routine to ensure you cover all of the topics, and have enough time to get everything done. A study schedule will also make it easier to balance your social life! 

Study with your friends  

Make your study sessions fun and you’ll never want to stop! Okay maybe not, but by putting together study sessions with your friends, those long hours spent looking at books will look a lot less daunting.  

Set goals 

Give your study sessions some purpose. Cranking out an entire assignment in one night isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, so tackle it a day at a time, setting small achievable goals to keep on top of your workload. Is there an especially difficult topic that you need to crack? Make it your mission to get your head around it.  

Use a ‘done’ list instead of a to-do list 

You might think creating a to-do list is the best way to get through your workload. But looking at a long list of things you’ve yet to do can be quite stressful and daunting. Instead, a ‘done’ list is where it’s at. This will help you keep track of everything you’ve done, while encouraging you to accomplish more – you can do it! 

Reward yourself 

Scheduling in a study session is a lot easier when you know there’s a reward waiting for you after your efforts. Whether you give yourself a nice film to watch or a huge ice cream sundae after a long day of hard work, studying will never have tasted so sweet! 

Create a comfortable study space 

Want to stay motivated during study? Create the best environment for your workflow. Invest in a comfortable chair, keep your desk space clear, or head to your University library. Even surround yourself with candles if it helps you. But don’t go too comfortable – studying from bed will have you sleeping in minutes! 

Remove distractions 

It’s hard to stay motivated when you are surrounded by things you would rather do. If you really want to stay on top of your studies, turn off your phone, TV or any other electronic device that grabs your attention. Once you’ve finished your study seshes, checking your phone will almost feel like a reward! 

Get inspired 

There are loads of ways you can find inspiration to study. Slap a motivational poster on your wall. Listen and repeat positive self-affirmations. Read an inspiring story about someone who achieved greatness in your position. You’ll be flying through those study sessions before you know it. 

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