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How To Fix Writer’s Block At University

We’ve all been there. Psyched up to write an award-winning essay, you suddenly hit a wall and have no idea where to start. Writer’s block – when you need to write something but the words don’t come out – is a common affliction amongst University students. Given how many essays you have to write each term, the sooner you sort it, the better! 

Need help overcoming writer’s block? There are loads of ways to get back into the writing flow, while creating a piece of work you can be proud of! 

Tips to fight writer’s block: 

  • Create a quiet study space 
  • Give yourself some fresh air 
  • Look to reading material for inspiration 
  • Join a writing group 
  • Remove distractions 
  • Reward yourself 

Create a quiet study space 

When it comes to writing, your surroundings are everything. It would take a special kind of brainpower to write an essay in a noisy space. This study area should be a place where your mind can be at ease, even if you have to light a candle or put in some ear plugs. If your accommodation is busy, a quiet library might be the best spot! 

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Remove distractions 

It can be hard to resist the urge to check your notifications when your phone or laptop browser is open. But you can lose hours of valuable time if you don’t silence these distractions! If you don’t trust yourself near your phone, turn it off for a certain amount of time, or give it to someone you trust to confiscate it. You’ll be surprised how much it speeds up your writing! 

Give yourself some fresh air 

If you are in a bit of a writing rut, it could be because you’ve spent hours upon hours cooped up inside your room. Go out on a peaceful walk outside, and watch how quickly the knots in your brain start to unwind.  

Look to reading material for inspiration 

Your course reading material is the ammo you need to fire out a great essay. Unless you are a natural genius, there is simply no way you can survive without it! By checking out some new reading material, you can tackle your essay question from a new angle, and write a truly engaging essay. 

Join a writing group 

You won’t be the first or last student to suffer from writer’s block. By finding other people who are going through the same thing, you can put your heads together to get through this difficult period. Writing groups can be a great place to exchange ideas and receive feedback on your writing! 

Reward yourself 

If you are really struggling to balance essay writing with fun, put together a little reward system as you go along. For every small milestone – it could be 1 paragraph of writing or 1 page – give yourself something to keep you going, whether it’s a chocolate bar or an episode of your favourite show! 

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