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How to find student accommodation in Southampton

Looking to study in Southampton? Trust us, it is not a decision you will regret, as there are plenty of reasons to live in this exciting city. But before you can enjoy everything on offer, you will need to make sure your Southampton university accommodation is finalised.

Arranging student accommodation in Southampton is vital to ensuring you have a good uni experience, but knowing where to look is not always easy. From student halls to student house share, read on to find out how to secure the best student accommodation for your needs.

1.) Consider your options

Everyone will have different needs and budgets to work with at University, so you will need to find the best accommodation for your circumstances. For example, while student halls have the advantage of being close to your University campus, house-shares may be better for independence and privacy. Prioritise finding out what kind of accommodation you need and can afford, and go from here.

2.) Be prepared

Make sure you have everything in place to be able to pay for your accommodation. With student halls you will need to complete an application online, and may need to provide references in the way of a bank statement or proof of enrollment at your university. You may also need to get a guarantor, someone in the UK who can pay your rent in the event that you are unable to.

Meanwhile, a house-share will require you to get a written contract from your new landlord, and pay a deposit equal to one month’s rent. Once your accommodation is all sorted, make sure to pack everything you need, from your study laptop to your very best clothes.

3.) Start off with student halls…

Though it can be quite expensive, every student should be able to enjoy at least 1 year of University accommodation. Usually reserved for first year students, your University’s halls of residence are ideal if you enjoy lie ins, as they are usually close to your uni campus. With shared facilities and common rooms, you will find it easy to make new friends in the same environment. After a memorable night out, student halls are the best place to catch up with other students.

4.) …or get a house share to save money

However, as a cheaper alternative to student halls, getting a house share is the most common accommodation option for students. If you can find a group of friends that won’t drive you crazy in the same house (avoid messy people!), it should be relatively easy to find an affordable house share. Go to plenty of viewings with your future housemates to ensure it has exactly what you need, and don’t forget to claim the biggest room in the house for yourself.

5.) Every Student offers an affordable middle ground

Student halls are the best way of enjoying a memorable and inclusive uni experience, but the costs can be quite expensive. This isn’t the case for Every Student’s impressive range of accommodation for students, which gives you the community and enjoyment of student halls without breaking the bank. With costs from just £85 per week, click here to explore some of our rooms in Southampton.

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