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How To Choose The Right University

Picking what Universities to apply to can be a bit of a headache. There are a ton of factors to consider, from course availability to location and rank. Get it wrong, and you’re stuck in a University you don’t like for 3+ years!  

Wondering how to pick your University? Here are some easy steps you can take to make sure you choose the right University for you. 

  1. Research the courses 

Choosing a University course should be your main consideration when applying for University. You have to be confident that the subject you choose will be one that you enjoy and can excel in, as this will likely shape your future career! Once you know, research the topics that your chosen Universities provide. 

  1. Check the University rankings 

Be realistic and go for the best University that your grades can get you. You can check out multiple University rankings and identify how your chosen Universities rank for student satisfaction, graduate prospects and the quality of teaching. You can also get a breakdown of how good your University is in your chosen subject! 

  1. Visit the city 

If you are leaving home for University, you will want to get out to your new city and take in the surroundings. Why not take a day trip for an Open Day to see what your new home has to offer? You don’t want to commit to living in a city with no shops, poor transport and a lack of decent clubs! 

  1. See what societies are on offer 

Whether you have a hobby or want to pick one up, good societies are vital at University. If you are a sporty person, you’ll want to make sure your University has some sports teams and a decent gym, while a debate society would be perfect for someone who hates to lose an argument. 

  1. Speak to students who go there 

Sometimes the best way to judge a University is to speak to the people that go there. Whether you go in for an Open Day or check the University forums, you should be able to get a good sense of what your chosen University is about. 

  1. Visit the accommodation  

After study seshes and rampant student nights, your accommodation will be where you spend most of your time. You will want to make sure that your accommodation is a safe and friendly place to live in – the only way you can find out is by visiting yourself! 

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