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How to beat University procrastination 

Everyone’s been there. After settling down for a hearty study session, you suddenly lose hours of time scrolling through TikTok, wondering where all the time went. With so much fun to distract you at University, all students have those days where they spend time doing anything but studying.  

While procrastination is natural, it can hurt your grades if you’re not extra careful. Check out some of the best ways to stop procrastinating below: 

Create the perfect study space 

A clear space means a clear mind. In other words, if your study area is overstuffed with distractions, you’ll find it a lot harder to focus on your work assignments! Students who operate in a tidy work environment are much more likely to be focussed and effective with the work they do, so devote some time to tidy your room before you dive into your books.  

Order your to-do list by priority 

Like deciding what film to watch on Netflix, deciding what work needs to be done can be a form of procrastination in its own right. To avoid wasting time flitting from subject to subject, make a to-do list based on priority and deadlines. This way you’ll know exactly what to do, as well as when to do it! 

Tackle the easiest tasks first 

Procrastination often happens when you feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Who wouldn’t rather do something fun than overcome a 5,000 word essay? But if you start with something quick and easy, your work will be much more difficult to postpone. As far as your essay goes, tackle the easiest points first, and build momentum to have a go at the tougher sections!  

Pick the right time to study 

Different study routines work for different people, and this is especially true when it comes to time. While some people come alive in the nighttime, others feel more alert and active first thing in the morning. So whether you are a night owl or a morning person, identify what study time works for you and stick to it! 

Don’t multitask – it doesn’t work! 

You might think that you can juggle your studying with other more fun activities, but you’d be wrong! Balancing your studies with diversions like watching TV or playing video games will only make the study process longer and less effective. Instead of doing half measures, get your job done so you can enjoy doing the things you love! 

Reward yourself 

Studying feels a lot more appealing when you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So whether it’s an episode of your favourite show, or a fancy new takeaway that you’ve been meaning to try, break up your study breaks with something that makes you happy! 

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