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How to avoid homesickness at University 

Going to university can produce a flood of different emotions – mostly excitement for the times ahead, but also FOMO about the life you left behind. When you are meant to be having the time of your life (minus the studying of course), homesickness can hold you back from getting the most out of your uni years. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to cope with homesickness at university: 

Make plans to visit home (but don’t overdo it) 

Just because you’re at university, doesn’t mean you can’t find time to pencil in some trips back home. But while going back home should be an event to look forward to, try to keep the trips to a minimum. If you make a habit of going back home more than once a month, you could feel even more homesick, and miss some of the joys of uni life! 

Bring things that remind you of home 

If you are a uni student that misses home, why not bring a piece of your home with you? From family photos to your favourite blanket or books, there are plenty of ways to put a homely spin on your new living space. If you are a student traveling abroad, you might also want to bring some of your favourite snacks to remind you of home – just don’t munch all of them at once! 

Lose yourself in fun activities 

University is one of the best places to cope with homesickness. Why? Because there’s a whole world of activity just waiting to be discovered. And no, we don’t mean reading your textbooks and going to classes. You could join a society based on your interests, hit the club with some of your new friends, or even round up your flatmates for a special cooked dinner. With the frenetic pace of uni life, you’ll forget about your home life in no time (not really). 

Distract yourself from social media 

If a few of your friends have stayed at home, checking your social feeds can be a painful reminder of what you could be missing. Instead of reminiscing over past adventures, University should be the time to get out there and embrace new experiences! Some social media is okay, but try not to overdo it – think about setting a time limit on your phone if you really can’t tear yourself away. 

Go out and explore your new city 

If you don’t yet feel at home in your new city, that’s only because you haven’t yet seen everything that your new city has to offer! When you get some time, head out for a walk across your city, taking in the sights, clearing your head, and noting down any restaurants that you might want to return to. It won’t be long before you find something to love about your new home. 

Be open to new social avenues  

You might miss your friends back home, but don’t let that stop you from making new friends at University! University is one of the most natural places to make new friends, whether you are bonding over shared stress or going for a drink after classes. Always be open to meeting new people, say yes to as many invites as you can, and the bonds you make at University could last a life-time! 

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