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How good student accommodation can make a world of difference 

University life can be a rollercoaster of fun, late-night study sessions, and unforgettable memories. But as your mind races to think about all the possibilities of uni life, it’s easy to overlook the process of sorting out where to live! Trust us, having good student accommodation can make a BIG difference in your uni experience. But why? Find out the answers below! 

Comfort is Key 

Imagine coming back from a long day of lectures, group projects, and exams. Now, picture walking into a cozy, well-furnished room that feels like a warm hug from your mum. That’s the magic of good student accommodation. Comfortable beds, tidy study desks, and personal decor can turn your student halls into a haven for relaxation and productivity. 

Location, Location, Location 

Location matters more than you might think – especially if you’re a lazy student. When your accommodation is conveniently situated near campus, libraries, and hangout spots, you can spend less time commuting and more time enjoying uni life. You’ll never have to panic about missing that early morning class again! 

Safety First 

Living in a secure environment is crucial. Good student accommodations often come with security measures like keycard access, CCTV cameras, and on-site staff to ensure your safety. This means you can focus on your studies and social life without worrying about your belonging, or getting back after a night out! 

Community Vibes 

University is a time to make lifelong friends, and accommodation plays a huge role in that. The sense of community you get in your student halls is hard to match, and makes new friendships incredibly easy to find! Within a week, you’ll have plenty of new friends for late-night study sessions or uni adventures.  

Amenities Galore 

Choose the right student accommodation, and you can often enjoy added bonuses or great amenities. Making your day-to-day life easier, this can make a huge difference to how much you get out of your uni experience. At Every Student, you can take advantage of added perks like fun communal rooms, cleaning services, and 24-7 security!  

Stress-Free Living 

Whether you’re adapting to life away from home, or dealing with a mountain of deadlines, uni life can get stressful. Good student accommodation providers understand this and often offer support services like maintenance, cleaning, and 24/7 assistance. If you have a problem or issue, good student accommodation can take all of your troubles away. 

Budget-Friendly Options 

Budgeting is one of the hardest parts of uni life – how can you live your best life when you’re held back by a student budget? But with a good, affordable student accommodation option, you can kiss your penniless days goodbye. Student accommodations come in various price ranges, making it easier to find one that fits your financial plan. Plus, student accommodations like Every Student even include utilities and Wi-Fi in the rent, saving you on extra expenses! 

Making Memories 

To put it simply, student accommodation is the backdrop for some of the best memories of your life. From late-night dinner parties to epic movie nights, these shared experiences with your roommates and neighbors will be the stories you tell for years to come!  

Looking for student accommodation with a difference? At Every Student, you can pick from a range of cozy and affordable student rooms in Southampton and Aberdeen, with prices as low as £89 per week! 

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